About Us

Center for Research and Development Studies (CRDS) is a non-profit, independent and innovative research organization dedicated to the research of environmental and social issues in Bangladesh. CRDS envisions promoting environmental, social, business and economy centered sustainable development by accurate information, innovation, and application. CRDS also focuses on several other aspects includes generating new ideas; the development of appropriate scientific, statistical, theoretical knowledge; and methodologies through data accuracy, analysis, implementation and validation of the effectiveness of research findings on society.

It was set up to promote multidisciplinary research on issues relevant to Bangladesh's economic growth, social development, and environmental concerns. Since its inception in 2012, the organization has aspired to produce research that is theoretically sound, methodologically rigorous by international standards, and relevant for policy. With this ambition, our faculty members have kept up with theoretical and methodological developments in their fields, and with changes in the ground realities of the environment, economy, and society. They have to their credit a wide range of academic degrees professional experience and publications, including articles in national and international journals.