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CRDS is widely recognized as a center of excellence and has established a faculty of approximately 15 social scientists (sociologists, economists, statisticians, and demographers) and a large body of supporting research staff focus on emerging and often cutting-edge areas of social and policy concern in order to produce advanced research work. CRDS focuses on five broad themes including areas such as life and environment, social welfare, business and economics, rural and urban development, public health, and social change and social structure, both in a quantitative and qualitative approach. It provides the concept of research, the direction of methodology, develops a hypothesis, analyzes data, discusses findings, gives concluding research information, and structure of references. CRDS assistants collect data from appropriate and authentic sources through survey, interview, observation, key informants person, and focus group discussion methods and test of material. The organization's faculty members also supervise doctoral students from Bangladesh and abroad, provide regular policy inputs, and engage with government, civil society, and international organizations.